The woes of the President’s MCE nominee for Asante Juaben, Alex Sarfo Kantanka is deepening as an Assemblymember threatened to sue him.

Member for Adumasa Electoral Area, Patrick Yeboah is accusing the twice rejected nominee of hitting him hard in an attempt to demand some bribe money he paid some Assemblymembers he was not aware of it.

He alleged that even though he reported the matter to the police guard of the Ashanti Regional Minister, the Minister, Mr. Simon Osei Mensah retorted that the policeman would not be interested in his complaint.

“The nominee pushed and hit me so hard on my back and demanded that I give me his money. But I can swear to God that today the nominee didn’t give me even ten.

“I will use every lawful avenue way for justice for him to know that he didn’t have the right to hit me,” he swore.

Sources at the Juaben Municipality indicates that the nominee spent about GHS40,000 on the Assembly Members on the first day of the confirmation exercise which turn out negative.

It is however not clear whether he spent any more monies on today’s voting as the President’s nominee is seen demanding back all monies he allegedly paid the Assembly members to confirm his nomination.

Mr. Sarfo Kantanka was rejected the second time on Monday after he secured only 10 ‘YES’ votes against 18 ‘NO’ James Appiakrong