Douglas Adu-Fokuo speaks on Kasoa ritual money saga

Yes the media content needs effective regulations.

However, I have heard little on parental care/proper upbringing. Parents should be concerned with the source of money or income of their children.

Of late, our society is always happy to see people rich and splashing luxurious cars, mansions, etc. without any necessary attention to the source of money. Some politicians create and loot the resources of the state, they send huge sums of money to their family. Has the family ever asked the source of such money to confirm the genuineness?


We have armed robbers, and others making money the criminal way, what has the family done about it? As family (parent, wife, husband, children), can we exercise the highest level of patriotism by reporting our won relatives or loved ones for crimes they commit is secrecy to protect our nation?

Can we sacrifice family love for patriotism?

Our failure to play a societal role, our dishonesty to the nation, our “mirage” patriotism shall continuously create avenues for such menace until we change our mindset.May the soul of the demised Rest in Peace.Good luck mother Ghana!

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