‘DOES ONE’s “ENGLISHNESS” DETERMINE COMPETENCY?-Prof Peter Twumasi ignites debate

I’m glad one of the Honourable Members of Parliament, Dr.Emmanuel Marfo strongly condemns the petty commentary on the English expressions of some of the Ministers designate at vetting instead of looking at their technical competence and their achievements in life.

Well said Hon! I felt so bad yesterday reading from even Professors and renowned opinion leaders assessing people’s performance based on good English spoken.

I’m not surprised we’re so so crawling as a country in development. We spend time learning to speak queen’s English rather than getting work done. Poor African and copying! Did the Chinese speak English before developing their country? Does one need foreign language to serve in our Parliament? This attitude of looking down on our “Ghanaianess” is so so sad.(Credit:Prof.Peter O.Twumasi,Biochemist,D-G,National Sports Authority(NSA)

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