Ghanaians across the country, especially a section of the media and social media users have been advised to stop condemning the military in haste over the invasion of soldiers in Parliament.


A security expert who doubles as Ex-British Military officer,Mr.Ntim Twumasi Kwaku who gave the advised lamented that surprisingly, Some Ghanaians on social media and radio have vilified the military for storming into parliament to restore calm when MPs of the two leading political parties fought hours before the President,Akufo-Addo was sworn -in.


The Ex-British Soldier who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NTK Ventures headquarters in Ejisu Municipality said the questions are “Is there an article/clause in the constitution that prohibits soldiers from entering parliament?.

What was the composition of the security on the day?. Did it include the Military?.

What was the mission statement/primary function of the security on the day? What time/date did the military enter the chamber?. Had the old parliament been dissolved?. Had the 8th parliament been sworn in? Were lives and property in danger?.Did the soldiers attack any parliamentarian/civilian in the chamber?. Did the soldiers exceed their orders upon entry?.

Did the soldiers observe the rules of engagement in urban areas?.


According to NTK as he is affectionately called,” I think the soldiers acted professionally within their orders and must not be condemned in haste until the right answers to the above questions are revealed.

My checks have revealed that, as of the time the military entered the chamber, technically, Ghana had no parliament. The old had been dissolved and the new 8th parliament had not been sworn-in. Therefore, no one in that room/chamber was parliamentarian. The military only went into the chamber to separate a fight between selected members of the 2 leading political parties inside the house of Parliament where they (the soldiers) had been tasked to protect human lives and property. I rest my case.Ahoooya!! Aho!! Story by a Security desk report

Mr.Ntim Twumasi Kwaku(NTK)



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