Ghanaians praise Roads Minister for relocation of Kubease toll booth

A cross section of Ghanaians, especially the road users of Accra-Kumasi main road have commended the Minister for Roads and Highways as well as Ghana Highways Authority (GHA) for their decision  to relocate Kubase Toll Booth to reduce the usual traffic.


One of our readers wrote “this I applaud the Minister.

Last two weeks ago I was going to Accra on special assignment. On reaching Kubease Toll booth, in fact what I saw aside the heavy traffic jammed with long trailer vehicles, passenger vehicles, private etc in queue for 30-45 mins very exhausted, most of the vehicles from Kumasi direction were driving in the opposite lane facing oncoming heavy duty vehicles, etc and a convoy of VIPs.

In fact I became very much alarmed, agitated and decided to find out from the attendants. The annoying part is they have someone who collect fee from those recalcitrant or defaulting drivers without issuing receipts thereby encouraging the known-drivers to continue with this traffic offence not considering the tragedy it may cause on the road particularly at toll.

As they snobbish me whilst in mufty I showed ID card and introduced my identity. They said nothing could be done to stop it, I advised that they use logs or cement blocks to barricade that portion of shoulder of the road to stop the practice.

I aided and returned most deviant drivers to follow the queue. I’ve to chase arrest and return a stubborn sprinter bus driver who nearly caused accident with fuel tanker as he veered to the opposite lane of tanker vehicle.

After vehemently advised the passengers and sternly warned the driver they we’re left to pay for the toll fee to the toll booth attendant and continue with their journey.

So for me, its good decision. I have similar challenge at Aboaso toll booth on Kumasi-Mampong road, but it’s unlikable to Kubease issue since it has few foreign trailers using the road. Thank you Minister.

It is suggested that the road at the toll booth should be expanded to make collection points at least three or four layers as we have at Kasoa”.Many readers of the New Trust Newspaper and TNTonline have also commended the decision by the Minister after we published the Minister’s directive few days ago.Story by a news desk report

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