Alleged fake insecticdes dealer remanded into police custody for 2 weeks

An Agro- Chemical Dealer at Kumasi-Kejetia has been remanded into police custody for 2 weeks by the Nkawie Circuit Court for allegedly selling fake A.F Confidence Insecticide.


The accused person, Kwadwo Atta, a shop owner at Kumasi- Kejetia is expected to reappear before the court on 29th October, 2020.


Prosecuting, DSP Sylvanu Dalmeida I/C Legal and Prosecution Unit Nkawie told the Nkawie Circuit Court on Wednesday 14th October 2020 presided over by Mr. Michael Johnson Abbey that, the accused person had been selling a fake version of New Okaff Industries Limited A.F confidence insecticides to the Public.


This came into light after the witness of the case, Issifu Ibrahim, a cocoa farmer from the Western Region who used to buy New Okaff Industries Limited A.F insecticides for spraying of his Cocoa farm reported to the Company that the accused person who operates an Agro-Chemical shop at Kejetia has sold fake A.F Confidence to him.


According to the prosecutor, in December 2019, the witness bought 6 gallons of the A.F Confidence insecticides at a cost of GHC 900 at a Unit price of GHC150 from the accused person’s shop at Kumasi- Kejetia for his friend named Kwaku but he could not reach New Okaff Industries Limited on phone for verification.


After the witness’s friend had sprayed his cocoa farm with the said product, the insects did not die as expected so he reported to the witness (Issifu) where he suspected that the products he bought from the accused person (Kwadwo Atta) was fake and decided to call for his arrest.


The witness called the accused person and requested to buy more of the products and the accused person offered to provide more.


On 31st December 2019, the witness (Issifu Ibrahim) took the 6 gallons and lodged a complaint to the company (New Okaff Industries Limited).


The complainant, production Manager of New Okaff Industries Limited,Mr.  Richard Karikari then lodged a complaint at Abuakwa Police station for investigation.


The witness then led the police to the accused person’s shop at Kumasi-Kejetia where they found 3 cartons of the purported A.F confidence with New Okaff Industries Ltd logo embossed on the product to ostensibly deceive buyers and the public.

The Abuakwa Police arrested the accused person together with the exhibits and brought to the Abuakwa Police station for thorough investigations.


Samples of the products from the complainants company and those that were retrieved from the  accused person’s shop were sent to Ghana Standards Authority, Accra for testing and veracity.


On August 11th 2020, a report came out from the authority that the products retrieved from the accused person contain 59.7 to 270.4 Bitenthrin a substance that exceeds the Standard’s approved contents of Bitenthrin to be contained in insecticides making the products hazardous for human use.


However, the company’s (New Okaff Industries Ltd) products were up to the Ghana Standard Authority’s approved content of 40.2 Bitenthrin after testing.

Investigations established also that the accused person’s products were not registered by Food and Drug Authority required by law.


The accused person was charged with the respective offenses and put before the Nkawie Circuit court last Wednesday. The accused person pleaded not guilty of the charges and pleaded with court to grant him bail.


However, the court overruled his plea and ordered that he should be remanded and reappears before the court on 29th October, this year. Story by Piesie Kwabena



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