The National Lottery Authority (NLA) wishes to inform members of the general public and all illegal Lotto Operators in particular that, the Authority has completed the Registration and Licensing Processes for all illegal Lotto Operators who have paid up the prescribed fees to the Authority to be issued with licenses to retail lotto products in Ghana.

A statement issued by the Public Relations Unit of the NLA has announced.

The statement said in view of this, the NLA hereby direct all illegal Lotto Operators who have applied and paid up the prescribed fees to pick up and execute copies of the Lotto Retail Licensing Agreement from the Head Office of the NLA within Seven(7) days from the date of this publication.

Thereafter, the National Lottery Authority shall close the licensing window for illegal Lotto Operators for the year 2018/2019,and the Authority will refund all monies paid by illegal Lotto Operators who were not qualified as well as those who were unable to execute the Lotto Retail Licensing Agreement within the seven(7) days.

The National Lottery Authority wishes to state that, it is unlawful under Act 722 and L.I.1948 to manufacture, distribute, sell or retail Lotto products and services without authorization from the National Lottery Authority.

Accordingly, all those engaged in illegal lottery operations will be arraigned before any of the eleven lotto courts inaugurated across the country aimed at facilitating compliance and prosecution of lotto-related offences.

In conclusion, the statement said the NLA is committed to sanitizing the Lotto industry in Ghana and it shall deploy all lawful means to oust the operation of unauthorized or unlicensed Lotto Operators in the country with the view of jobs creation and mobilizing additional revenue to support national development.

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