Hajia Fati Amadu,aka,Alive has done nothing ,proof your case or I sue you in court!

 The hard working and welfare mother of NPP Fatima Amadu,has challenged those making allegations against her that she has sold hundreds of auction cars to back up with evidence or face defamation suit in Court!

 Speaking to journalists at her office at Borsue Lane in Asylum Down,the forthright and face facts woman, said she has never ever stolen confiscated vehicles from anywhere and that those making such banal accusations purported to tarnish her hard earned reputation and selfless attitude to all and sundry should be ready to proof their concocted stories or be slapped with defamation in court.

‘ Enough of this bunkum twaddles and lies , I will still push for those of you around the President who are amassing wealth through creed and wanton disregard for hard work and charity amongst nppists to be sacked, she quibbled.

How can you expect people who are thieves from the onset,to manage and account for their stewardship?

Adding that ,” It is a pity that those I lobbied to be granted something to do have now turned the work into ‘vehicle galamsey! 

And I will continue the fight towards reshuffle of government to ensure faith and galvanised the grassroot supporters to vote to ensure Nana wins 2020!

According to Fati Amadu,those who say “I will destroy the party should check how they are doing their work and how far is their integrity?

If any can unequivocally look up to God in Heaven and brat the chest that I am really doing hard work to justify my calling to serving Ghana, then great! If not then they bow their heads in utter shame for failing the President, people of Ghana and NPP as a party,she asserted.

 In the end I will not sit down for NPP to go into opposition again, never!

And soon I will rally supporters to demonstrate and register their displeasure in the way some ministers and Appointees are behaving and pushing the party,government and country down the alley of destruction and irreparable damage of the party’s fortunes! By a political desk report

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