Wontumi threatens woman’s life for contesting his favorite in Ejura constituency primaries

The New Trust Newspaper has gathered that,Madam Gifty Ndoma who has declared her intention to contest as Ejura Sekyeredumase parliamentary candidate on the ticket of the governing New Patriotic Party ( NPP) has finally secured her nomination forms at the national headquarters following a petition.
The incumbent constituency secretary for the area is also appealing to the national executives of the party for protection following death threat from the Ashanti regional chairman, Mr.Bernard Antwi Boasiako who is popularly known in the political space as chairman Wontumi.
The full petition is published below:


Dear Sir,


I wish to bring an appeal to your high office to be allowed to purchase a nomination form from the national secretariat in accordance with rule number 7 of the guidelines issued by the party for the conduct of the parliamentary primaries.

My appeal has been necessitated by deliberate frustrations under the sponsorship of the regional chairman, Mr Benard Antwi-Boasiako (Wontumi) to prevent me from picking nomination forms.

For the purpose of contextualizing my appeal, I will like to give the chronology of events since the party announced the opening of nominations as follows –

  1. On the 18th of July, a meeting was summoned at the instance of Wontumi at his residence of which he chaired. In attendance were the DCE of Ejura-Sekyeredumase, Hon Salisu Bamba, Paul Kweku Duut, Ejura-Sekyeredumase constituency chairman, Samuel N Abagna, fmr chairman of the constituency, one Eugene and one Abdul Jalil who at the time, had expressed interest to contest in the impending primaries. At the meeting, Wontumi averred that on the president’s authority, he is asking all of us to step down for Hon Salisu Bamba to go unopposed. The meeting ended without a consensus.
  2. Upon consultation with the party people of my constituency and my advisors, I decided to stick to my ambition to contest and to win the seat for the party come 2020.
  3. On 21st July 2019, upon the announcement that the nomination forms have been released from the national office, I made attempts to pick nomination forms at the constituency level but to no avail.
  4. Upon enquiry, I was told the forms have been handed over to the regional chairman by the first national vice chairman, Rita Asobayere and that no constituency office had been furnished with copies.
  5. And so on the 23rd of July, I went personally to Wontumi’s house to pick a form. He insisted that contrary to rule 9 of the guidelines, which only instructs interested constituency officers (like in my case, a secretary) to recuse themselves from the processes throughout, he will not hand me the forms until I have resigned from my position as constituency secretary. He further threatened me that even if I pick forms, he will make sure I am disqualified at the vetting stage. He further suggestively mentioned how people had died because they were admonished to stop contesting but they refused to.
  6. I went back to him on 24th of July in the company of my team to take the nomination form. As directed by him, I went with a notice of resignation/recuse. Wontumi refused to see me and my team. Try as we did, for more than 4 hours, Wontumi refused to meet us nor give us the form.

From the forgoing, I wish to state the following points for your consideration –

  1. That I deem Wontumi’s comments about death of individuals who refused to step down upon advice, as a threat on my life.
  2. That I find the continuous hijacking of the nomination forms by Wontumi as an affront to the elections guidelines which stipulate in rules 8 and 9 that the forms are supposed to be with the constituency offices and specifically with the Parliamentary Elections Committee whose composition excludes the regional chairman and other related officers.
  3. That as an avowed member of the party who has served the party diligently as TESCON president and constituency secretary, I feel disrespected and violated by Wontumi.
  4. That I am by this petition, seeking refuge in National Secretariat to restore my inalienable right guaranteed me by the party’s constitution. Coming under rule 7 of the guidelines, I ask that National Secretariat allows me to purchase nomination forms accordingly.
  5. Accordingly, I attach GCB bankers draft of GHC2000 in favour of the New Patriotic Party, national headquarters as stipulated by rule 3 of the guidelines.

I hope my appeal will be accorded the urgent attention it deserves.

Gifty Ndoma
Constituency Secretary
24 July 2019

Regional Chairman
Constituency Chairman

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